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Re: [SOLVED-ish] Performance weirdness with netbsd-9 /usr/bin/grep

On 23.05.2020 04:30, Paul Ripke wrote:

> [SOLVID-ish]: Argh! I thought this sounded familiar...
> slave:ksh$ LC_ALL=C time /usr/bin/grep -c Jan/2020 /home/httpd/log/access.log
> 407186
>         0.91 real         0.42 user         0.48 sys
> So has the default value of LC_ALL (or LC_.*) changed recently?

This is a known issue, affecting the system at least since 8.0 (or even

Whenever LC_ALL is set at least to my native locale (I read the same for
Japanese), it is extremely slow and unusable for even small text files.
Today, whenever I need to use grep(1) I'm automatically prepending it
with LC_ALL=C.

So far I had no time to investigate the root cause of the problem, as I
don't feel like developing grep gplv2 is a good use of resources.

A workaround would be to upgrade to gnu grep gplv3 in base or switch to
the BSD grep. Are we ready to switch to the BSD grep?

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