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Re: Python flask app behind bozohttpd vs separate webserver for app

On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 1:24 PM Mayuresh <> wrote:
> I have a setup where NetBSD's native bozohttpd serves certain static
> contents. It uses https and basic auth and the setup is pretty stable.
> There are some small pieces of requirements to add some python web apps
> developed using Flask. The app needs to use the same authentication data
> used by the basic setup above. Fortunately that turns out to be easy.
> Now I have two options:
> Option 1: Run a separate instance of a python based web server such as
> gunicorn on a separate port for the apps and use bozohttpd for static
> contents.
> I have to start gunicorn as root so that it can get access to certificate
> files, but run the worker process as a non root user which is an option
> provided by gunicorn.
> One problem with this is, I don't get the environment variables right this
> way. There are ways to feed those into gunicorn, but that would amount to
> replicating my rc scripts that elaborately define the environment.
> Option 2: Run python web server on localhost and via bozohttpd cgi route
> the requests/responses to/from it. There may be slight overhead of this,
> but it's not a performance critical application.
> I can also use a simple http and Flask's simple builtin server internally
> as it is not exposed to the internet.
> Would appreciate any comments / pros and cons etc.
> Mayuresh

Just use apache :)  bozo has no proxy capabilities.

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