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Re: NetBSD install experiences

On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 02:07:18PM -0400, MLH wrote:
> Thanks. Maybe my bios is just too old. It doesn't boot efi correctly
> and maybe it doesn't quite handle gpt partitions quite correctly
> either. Might be why I had so much trouble with that.  I still
> haven't found a way to have the biosboot boot a specified gpt root
> partition without using boot -a.

With biosboot the BIOS just boots the bootloader on the disk, it does not
need any idea of what partitions are there. However, some BIOSes seem to
be helpful and double check you have "valid partitions" - whatever that

But in general it just works (modulo bugs with booting RAID setups, but those
bugs are somewhere in our bootloader).


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