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Re: gpt question

    Date:        Mon, 4 May 2020 09:18:43 -0400 (EDT)
    From: (MLH)
    Message-ID:  <>

  | I partitioned it using:
  | gpt create wd1
  | gpt add -t ffs  -l boot_h1 -b 64 -s 1g wd1
  | gpt add -t swap -l swap_h1 -s 4g wd1
  | gpt add -t ffs -l root_h1 -a 4k -s 7803550932 wd1

I assume the wd0/wd1 connections swapped between when you did
that and now.   Those commands show wd1 yet they match the
"gpt show" for wd0...

I don't see a gpt biosboot command in there, did you do one of those?

  | I don't understand where the Unused partition came from. How should
  | I have created the partitions such that it wouldn't have been
  | created?

Not used -b 64 when you made boot_hd1 - but as Martin said, 30
blocks (15KB) is irrelevant.   That isn't the cause of your boot

  | Is there a way to merge the Unused partition with boot_h1 without
  | disturbing root_h1? I can easily reinstall boot_h1.

You could, you could just
	gpt remove -i 1
	gpt add -t ffs -l boot_h1 -b 34 -s 2097182 wd0

(followed by newfs, etc) but unless you're despreate for an extra
15KB there, there really is no point.


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