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Re: gpt question

Martin wrote:
> On Mon, May 04, 2020 at 09:18:43AM -0400, MLH wrote:
> >           34          30         Unused
> >           64     2097152      1  GPT part - boot_h1
> The boot_h1 partition is aligned to a 64 block boundary, so there is
> a small number of blocks unused before it.

Ah.  Thank you for the response.
I shouldn't have done the -b 64 on boot_h1...

Is there a way to get boot_h1 to actually boot or can I safely
repartition boot_h1 to remove Unused without screwing up everything

> >      2097216     8388608      2  GPT part - swap_h1
> >     10485824  7803550936      3  GPT part - root_h1
> >   7814036760         375         Unused
> >   7814037135          32         Sec GPT table
> >   7814037167           1         Sec GPT header
> The secondary GPT header always ends at the end of the disk, after the
> last partition (root_h1) there is a tiny bit of unsed space. You could
> have made root_h1 a few sectors larger to avoid this - but it should not
> matter.

Funny thing about that. When I did the initial root_h1 without
specifying the size:

$ gpt add -t ffs -l root_h1 -a 4k wd1

gpt refused to make the partition because it said there was not
enough room.  First time I had seen that, so I backed the size off
so it would completely fill the disk on 4k boundaries as gpt stated.
One 4k more and it said there wasn't room on the disk.

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