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Re: setkey -- twofish-cbc unsupported algorithm

I'm not clear on if Chacha20 is specified for IPsec.

It was not there originally of course, but it's coming (proposed standards)

ChaCha20 & Poly1305 for IPsec

and it is mentioned as SHOULD, there in section 5

ESP and AH Algorithm Requirements

NetBSD has support for various crypto offload devices.  Aside from
AES-NI instrucions, my impression is that offload devices are mostly
useful for public-key operations.

Hmm maybe in some very specific cases but when we consider hardware crypto accel, the most common case it the CPU flags to do AES (and eventually Camellia which is compatible).  To me, this is 99% of the crypto hardware accel in the world and it's symmetric.

I've personally experienced how too much SSL load can crash down a service.  I was running Jitsi Meet on good but old enterprise-class servers with 16 Xeon cores and guess what happened when serving 10+ video streams?...  All cores went 100% and there were incidents.  The culprit: CPUs were to old w/o AES-NI, AVX nor AVX2.  In a nutshell, we absolutely need hardware accel for SSL and AES.

Run "openssl engine" and read any associated man pages.

Yep for the record, on a netbsd-9 guest with hw accel I get

(devcrypto) /dev/crypto engine
(rdrand) Intel RDRAND engine
(dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support

while on another netbsd-9 w/o hw accel I get

(cryptodev) BSD cryptodev engine
(dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support
(4758cca) IBM 4758 CCA hardware engine support
(aep) Aep hardware engine support
(atalla) Atalla hardware engine support
(cswift) CryptoSwift hardware engine support
(chil) CHIL hardware engine support
(nuron) Nuron hardware engine support
(sureware) SureWare hardware engine support
(ubsec) UBSEC hardware engine support
(gost) Reference implementation of GOST engine

I wonder why the second one got more options, but in any case /dev/crypto is missing.

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