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strange "hang" and mouse behaviour


I just upgrated my ThinkPad to 9.0, upgraded all the packages with pkgin

So far so good, but I had two strange happenings.
I have two browsers: seamonkey, installed from packages and arcticfox
(palemoon/firefox fork, installed by myself since I am one of the authors).

Just after upgrade, I launched SeaMonkey and it never came up fully: the
windows remained blank and the mouse pointer moved jerkily...I could not
click anything, nor change consoles with crl-alt-Fn... nor even
power-cycle! So strangely "not frozen" nut almost as.
I reboot.... and then seamonkey works, mystery?

Then I work and test on arcticfox, compile, install... and when I run
the test suite, a similar thing happens: after a while... it stops. Same
symptoms: jerky mouse and no response to clicks, keyboard, console switch.

So, I don't think it is a "chance".

I then ssh into the laptop... and re-run several times ArcticFox and the
same test suite... just to see if I can reproduce and the machine
remains responsive over the network and/or I could see in which state
the process is.
No avail, i could not reproduce the issue! darn!

Ideas? someone experienced something similar?


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