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Re: X-windows

On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 8:14 PM Todd Gruhn <> wrote:

"The last time I ran 'X -configure' , I got a error in the xorg logfile:

"no screens found"

I recall having this problem in the past. It had something to do with

Todd, I have the same issue on my newer computer. X does not seem to want to work for NetBSD for me. I dedicated a whole ssd drive to a MBR install of NetBSD9.0, and I tried to work with wscons.conf but no luck running X.

Meanwhile, on my older machine I give NetBSD 9.0 the entire 456Gb disk and it's quite happy. I will admit I use a simple window manager, TWM, but it runs Firefox, etc.

I also run the weekly snapshot of FreeBSD most every Thursday on my new machine, and in order to load X, I have to put a line in /boot/loader.conf that says: "hw.syscons.disable=1". Apparently syscons are similar to NetBSD wscons, so I'm pretty sure there is some trick in wscons.conf to find a screen for X. (Also, my understanding is that is just needed for FreeBSD for AMD chips, like my Ryzen 7 & MSI Radeon RX570 video card, and not Intel chips, but there is obviously a lot I do not understand clearly.)


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