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Re: x11-links won't install full package-content

I do use a mix of pre-built binaries and pkgsrc.
My SSD isn't big enough to build things like firefox with pkgsrc.

Besides, there are a few packages that I want to stay AWAY from but, they are building dependencies of things I use. So, I install the binary, build my stuff and remove the binary.
Honestly, if only firefox was offered as a pre-built binary for current, I'd be running current. Although, I can't afford to build firefox.
Actually, I'd dump firefox if I had a simpler browser that could replace it. I used Midori as long as I could but it seems to be dead again :(


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På 21 apr. 2020 21:27, Greg Troxel <> skrev:

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

> x11-links depends on osabi-9.0; it should be available in the repo,
> but I don't use the released pkgin repos myself. If you have pkgsrc
> somewhere, you can build it locally and then continue with the rest
> from the repo. While mixing of packages is normally frowned upon, I
> believe in this case there won't be any trouble.

about mixing being frowned on:

If the packages are built with the same pkgsrc sources for the same OS
version, that's fine.

So if you are using the official 9 builds from amd64 for 2020Q1, check
out that branch for your builds.

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