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Re: mDNS in base image

Vitaly Shevtsov <> writes:

> What's the point having mDNS in base image instead of installing it
> from pkgsrc when it's really needed?

This can be said of a fairly large number of things in base.  The
question becomes what is normal/core, and what is extra.  One
consideration is that base is cross compiled, where pkgsrc does not
really work cross.

mdnsd seems quite normal to want on a machine, and I expect it's used
more often than an authoritative nameserver or a DHCP server, and
perhaps on par with an MTA.

So your question is based on a faulty premise, that things are evicted
from base if it's possible to build them from pkgsrc.

Things are occasionally removed from base if there is broad consensus
that the overall NetBSD user community would be better off within them
in base.   So far, I see no reason to think mdnsd is one of them.

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