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Re: DNSSEC vs netbsd-8/sparc?

> Just in case there was something botched in my local builds, I updated
> the sparc system from the latest nightly builds of netbsd-7 and netbsd-8.
> The behavior is the same.  Both netbsd-[78]/sparc produce a bad DNSSEC DS
> hash (the first line):
> . IN DS 20326 8 1 42CAD163F25D96B28A8413628A2EBEBC8341B1CD
> . IN DS 20326 8 2 E06D44B80B8F1D39A95C0B0D7C65D08458E880409BBC683457104237C7F8EC8D

I see the same on one of my 8.1/sparc64 hosts.  However, "openssl dgst
-sha1" returns sane (identical to amd64) results on this system, so I
wonder where the root of that problem actually lies, since as far as I
know, the digest computing the first DS record above is sha-1.


- Håvard

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