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Re: System-slowness and graphics cards

On 09/04/2020 19:59, Todd Gruhn wrote:
here is a portion of me Xorg.log.0 file:

Does "No monitor specified ... " have anything to do with the slow X startup?

I recalled that 10yrs ago I set a MODELINE to my X config, and X came up much

Not really. Mode stuff tends to be a lot more automatic even with the VESA driver which is what your setup is using. Vesa would be slow if you have applications that use render acceleration. Sadly I think in this day and age this includes xterm by default. You may find it better to configure xterm to use one of the older fixed pitch X fonts rather than the newer anti-aliased ones that I think are the default now.

Other than that I can't think of any other ways to improve it. :(


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