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9.0 amd64 install assertion


                     │ What would you like to do?        │
                     │                                   │
                     │ a: Set sizes of NetBSD partitions │
                     │assertion "info->nat_type != NULL" failed: file "/usr/src/
    usr.sbin/sysinst/arch/amd64/../../mbr.c", line 2156, function "mbr_add_part"
    [1]   Abort trap              ${cmd}

    To return to the installer, quit this shell by typing 'exit' or ^D.

But say, i came there after i tried a different thing.
I have that one

  62906398 Mar 24 15:33 nbsd-9.0-amd64.iso.zst
 225648640 Apr  2 00:39  nbsd-9.0-amd64.iso

and could not find any sets on it, even though it seems rather
complete (except that usr/share/man* stuff is mysteriously
populated), so i did

  tar -cpf - all the stuff but targetroot/ |
    (cd targetroot && tar -xpf -)

and the thing boots but then hangs saying that getty comes back to
fast while opening /dev/console or the like.
So i reentered installation program and restarted everything, 

               │ Available disks                                   │
               │                                                   │
               │ a: wd0 (8.0G)                                     │
               │>b: 6161d776-d99d-48fc-8c4f-f1534c64ffda (dk0@wd0) │

and here i choose b not a, then "use default sizes", resulting in
the above.  Then, the terminal state is messed up and i need "stty
echo" and "stty icanon" to get it more or less right.
If i choose a then the crash does not happen.

It would be nice if the mask would accept a once chosen nameserver
the same as it does for hostname, address etc.

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|der holt sich munter           he cheerfully and one by one
|einen nach dem anderen runter  wa.ks himself off
|(By Robert Gernhardt)

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