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My feedback on running a notqmail server on NetBSD/evbarm64

I wanted to express my gratitude to schmonz@ for his remarkable
work in patching, modernizinig and cleaning up qmail/netqmail, with
particular regard for his acceptutils/rejectutils, which coupled
with a set of wrappers for Guenter's qmail-qfilter, as well as
procmail, qmail-viruscan, an SPF plugin and spamfilters, eventually
result in a modern and fully-fledged MTA.

Setting up a working server with the qmail-run meta-package didn't
require more than few minutes, it's well documented, and, at least
in my opinion, very straightforward.

I've been self-hosting this retroish  home mail server (unbound +
qmail + uw-imap/inetd + spamassassin + squirrelmail), for about 6
months now, on a RPi3 Model B running NetBSD(HEAD)/evbarm64; also,
relying on the NPF + blacklistd combo: I must say I'm really
satisfied with my setup so far, very stable, good performance with
the aarch64 SMP (and a bit of overclocking), predictably very low
power-consumption, and no significant issue to report as of today.

I take my chance to state that I would really appreciate notqmail's
checkpassword being patched for blacklistd, the way postfix'
smtp-auth was. Also, BPFjit on evbarm64 would be great, but I
understand it may require some time.

Thanks you all guys for the good work you've been doing lately,

Kindest regards, 

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