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wip/virtualbox vs emulators/qemu vs xen performance comparison?

I have a requirement where I plan to use NetBSD amd64 as a primary OS and
the system needs to occasionally run Windows for some applications.
Currently this is done with Linux-Virtualbox-Windows combo which I want to
migrate to NetBSD-and what?

Various mailing lists report Virtualbox to be faster. I  have used the
same on Linux and found it satisfactory. I have used qemu on NetBSD and
felt it was slower.

In general is the motivation behind wip/virtualbox - speed and
performance? Would appreciate inputs.

And yes, I think I should consider xen in the comparison as well. (I don't
have processor details right now to assess virtualization support. Will
post soon. Assume it's supported.)

Please comment / help make the choice.


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