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Re: tar(1) unsatisfied with gtar(1) files (pkgsrc)


On Sun, Jun 03, 2018 at 01:51:52PM +0200, Rhialto wrote:
> On Sun 03 Jun 2018 at 11:33:17 +0200, wrote:
> > 	tar: File extended headers posix ustar archive. Extracting as plain
> > 	files. Following files might be in the wrong directory or have wrong
> > 	attributes.
> I started noticing that when I was building some more packages from the
> then-latest stable pkgsrc branch (2018Q1).

But in my case, the problem is not for something "packaged" by
NetBSD nor pkgsrc, but with the source files.

If I retrieve from a gnu mirror say the source for gcc7:


and use xz(1) or gunzip(1) and the system tar(1), I get the problem.
While gtar(1) (installed from pkgsrc and built on 2015-01-17) doesn't

My system is:

NetBSD 7.1.1_PATCH  Sun Jan 21 21:28:41 CET 2018 amd64

and tar(1) is from the base set retrieved 2018-01-21.

That's why I think whether the problem is in our tar(1) or in the
gtar(1) used upstream. Obviously, something has changed somewhere, but I
don't think it's in pkgsrc.

If you have also problem with the packages generated after some date, is
the system tar(1) at fault or is gtar(1) used by pkgsrc for some
packages generating a tarball with extensions not understood by the
system tar(1)?

        Thierry Laronde <tlaronde +AT+ polynum +dot+ com>
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