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ld0 attach uvm_fault


I've tried to run NetBSD 7.1.2 on HP Microserver gen8 and got uvm_fault
on ld_attach. Is this is a bug or I can do something with that?

Thanks in advance, dmesg follow:

ahcisata0 at pci0 dev 31 function 2: vendor 0x8086 product 0x1c04 (rev. 0x05)
ahcisata0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 17
ahcisata0: AHCI revision 1.30, 6 ports, 32 slots, CAP 0xff32ff45<EMS,PSC,SSC,PMD,SPM,ISS=0x3=Gen3,SCLO,SAL,SALP,SSS,SMPS,SSNTF,SNCQ,S64A>

atabus0 at ahcisata0 channel 0
atabus1 at ahcisata0 channel 1
atabus2 at ahcisata0 channel 2
atabus3 at ahcisata0 channel 3
atabus4 at ahcisata0 channel 4
atabus5 at ahcisata0 channel 5

ahcisata0 port 0: device present, speed: 6.0Gb/s
ahcisata0 port 1: device present, speed: 6.0Gb/s
ahcisata0 port 2: device present, speed: 3.0Gb/s
ahcisata0 port 3: device present, speed: 3.0Gb/s

wd0 at atabus0 drive 0
wd0: <WDC WD5000HHTZ-04N21V1>
wd0: 465 GB, 969021 cyl, 16 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 976773168 sectors

ataraid0: found 1 RAID volume
ld0 at ataraid0 vendtype 5 unit 0: Intel MatrixRAID ATA RAID-1 array
uvm_fault(0xffffffff81055240, 0x0, 1) -> e
fatal page fault in supervisor mode
trap type 6 code 0 rip ffffffff809d2a6b cs 8 rflags 10282 cr2 34 ilevel 0 rsp ffffffff81271d40
curlwp 0xffffffff8100a5e0 pid 0.1 lowest kstack 0xffffffff8126f2c0
kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped in pid 0.1 (system) at  netbsd:strcmp+0xb:      movb    0(%rsi),%dl
db{1}> bt
strcmp() at netbsd:strcmp+0xb
ld_ataraid_attach() at netbsd:ld_ataraid_attach+0x1a9
config_attach_loc() at netbsd:config_attach_loc+0x16e
ataraid_attach() at netbsd:ataraid_attach+0x76
config_attach_pseudo() at netbsd:config_attach_pseudo+0x52
ata_raid_finalize() at netbsd:ata_raid_finalize+0x45
config_finalize() at netbsd:config_finalize+0x8a
main() at netbsd:main+0x421

Sincerely yours,
Dima Veselov
Physics R&D Establishment of Saint-Petersburg University

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