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Re: Native sound system

On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 6:28 AM Sid <> wrote:
> OSS version 4 from is supposed to allow
multiple sound applications to play simultaneously, and it has improvements
over previous and forked versions. For the most part, it has a BSD license.

NetBSD has an in-kernel audio mixer that allows multiple audio sources to
play at the same time. I think it might only be in 8-BETA or -current

> There is also sndio,, from OpenBSD, which can
handle MIDI frontends to a sound server (or directly to the hardware).

Are people still using MIDI?

> It would be nice to see the newest version of OSS put into NetBSD, with
layers of sndio to bridge MIDI and API's to OSSv4.

See above.

> Also, across all BSD's, there is not a simple drop-in BSD replacement of
libcanberra, to act as an API from certain applications to OSS or sndio.

But there is libcanberra itself? Also libao has a native "sunaudio" driver


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