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Re: Heimdal kcm ??

In article <>,
Brad Spencer  <> wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone has had any success using kcm, the
>"process-based credential cache for Kerberos", that has been built with
>NetBSD for a while??  I tried it in NetBSD_7.1 and NetBSD-current and
>could not get it to work.  It basically doesn't seem to store anything.

Works just fine here:

[9:09pm] 18>klist
Credentials cache: KCM:10080:3
        Principal: christos%ASTRON.COM@localhost

Issued                Expires               Principal
Apr  3 21:08:39 2018  Apr  7 01:08:39 2018  krbtgt/ASTRON.COM%ASTRON.COM@localhost


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