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fixing a bad sector

I have discovered a problem on a live server (i386) I run - this 
is filling up /var/log/messages so that it has turned over more than
10 times today.

The message:

Sep  5 16:56:49 trafalgar /netbsd: wd0a: error reading fsbn 1005056 of 1005056-1005087 (wd0 bn 1005119; cn 997 tn 2 sn 17), retrying
Sep  5 16:56:49 trafalgar /netbsd: wd0: (uncorrectable data error)

The fsbn is mostly 1005056 but sometimes 1005086.

Server response time is impacted.

I've never had, so never tackled, this kind of issue before.   Advice
much appreciated.

Steve Blinkhorn <>

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