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Disabling mic at startup, was: How do I start mixerctl as first daemon?

On 28 September 2015 at 19:39, Ottavio Caruso
<> wrote:
> I have this annoying problem with my Thinkpad.
> When the laptop boots, the microphone goes into a loop with the
> speaker and emits a loud beep that scares the whole neighborhood.
> I've enable mixertcl in rc.conf, but it gets executed after all deamons.
> Can I alter the init sequence to make mixerctl start as first daemon?

I've realized that the microphone is started way before all daemons
are started. In other words the mic is probed during the device
discovery sequence (when the characters are green on the console).

The built in mic is mapped by mixerctl as inputs.record2.

Is there any way to map this entry to a driver, and if possible to
manipulate it.

My dmesg is here:


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