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Re: Disks w/non-512-byte sectors?

On Jan 18, 2015, at 5:56 PM, John D. Baker wrote:

Second, and the real point of this message:  Some time ago I was given
several 18GB 10k-rpm SCA SCSI disks that had been removed from an IBM
AS400.  I knew they had strange native sector sizes (522 bytes in the
case of the drives I have).  When I hooked one up to one of my NetBSD
boxes, it was probed and reported reasonable data except for the message
"preposterous sector size 0x20a bytes".  The test machine netboots and
otherwise operates via NFS--the disk is just connected for testing.
It is running a recent build of i386-7.99.4.

I'm wondering if formated this way, the drive provides no error detection/ correction,and devotes the whole physical sector to data -- Instead of 512 bytes , and so many bytes for ECC. I'm also wondering if I have some drives like these. what's dmesg, say about the drives? Are they little bit taller than standard?

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