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Re: install/48365: sysinst installs /usr/pkgsrc with invalid ownership and group

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 06:37:42PM +0100, Martin Husemann wrote:
> We could:
>  - leave out the -p option to tar for the pkgsrc set (i.e. make all of
>    pkgsrc owned by root) and display a message to chown it after reboot to
>    the wanted user
>  - create a user account (or select an existing one) and run the extraction
>    as that user (or chown afterwards)
>  - only display a message post extraction and leave everything else as is
>  - change the process the pkgsrc sets are created and make root own 
> everything,
>    like it is done for the src/xsrc sets
I'd tend to favouring option 4, for consistency with the (other) source sets -- 
the same reasons why people would want to chown /usr/pkgsrc equally apply to 
/usr/src and friends, therefore IMHO either they should be treated the same way.
Of course, conversely that could also mean that /all/ the source sets might be 
treated as proposed in the first three options, but I think going for the 4th 
would be quite okay.  (On a freshly installed system, it's reasonable to expect 
most stuff being owned by root.)


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