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/etc/daily: failed RAIDframe component(s)


When /etc/daily encounters failed RAIDframe components, it doesn't issue
a separate report but just mentions it in its "normal" output.

While I'm archiving daily-reports, I don't ever read them because they
usually consist of non-critical information.  A failed rf component,
however, is really something I would like to know ASAP but as it is now,
it's drowned in the daily stream and I would need to write some sieve
filters to single out daily-reports that mention anything raidframe.

But that seems incomplete and probably unnecessary given the appropriate
way /etc/daily deals with /etc/security output:  suppress if empty,
separate report if not.

A small server of mine has been running on one leg since Oct. 26 due to
this (and the fact that incomplete smartmontools packaging broke the
submission of smartd-warnings but that's a separate issue).

Am I missing something here?


                Petar Bogdanovic

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