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Re: For Google+ users: BSD community

Am 21.11.13 16:51, schrieb Benny Siegert:
> I would like to give a counterpoint to the Google bashing and general
> negativity in reply to Tony's post. (Yes, I work at Google, but that
> is irrelevant.)
> What you failed to realize is that different people use different
> channels. Even if you happen to prefer mailing lists or NNTP or Gmane,
> other people may prefer web forums or social networking sites. I think
> that it is important to reach out to these users as well. The BSD
> community is great in this regard.
> Next time someone complains on a NetBSD list on how we fail at
> marketing, I will remind her or him of the attitude displayed in this
> thread, which I frankly find very arrogant.
> Btw, there is also a separate NetBSD community on Google+, and several
> developers are members there.
> --Benny.


(and I don't even work for Google)

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