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Re: For Google+ users: BSD community

Tony Sidaway <> writes:

> I started it so I could keep in touch with what's going on in other
> BSDs while I happily use my chosen system, and that's pretty much how
> it works out. 

I don't quite follow. You started a new channel in order to track what
is going on other channels. How does it track what's going on those
channels that are not your new one??

> It's spam-free and 100% on topic, and mostly consists of announcements
> and links to news items from the different communities.
> NetBSD is well represented.

I don't understand how this is better than RSS or news as gated by Gmane
or other similar site.

I don't see any benefits (except, perhaps, user devotion to Google)
to counter usual criticism of hosting anything at Google.


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