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Re: For Google+ users: BSD community

Tony Sidaway wrote:
> If you're using Google+, this community brings together all BSD systems and
> BSD-related projects. I started it so I could keep in touch with what's
> going on in other BSDs while I happily use my chosen system, and that's
> pretty much how it works out.
> It's spam-free and 100% on topic, and mostly consists of announcements and
> links to news items from the different communities. NetBSD is well
> represented.

Good idea, interesting topics on that page, 
but that domain is bad for reasons starred (***):

*** Google is sniffing IP numbers, & stupidly setting various section
headings to German here, eg:
        top right blue `Anmelden' button
        Alle Beiträge
        Über diese Community
        Kommentar hinzufügen...
        BSDCan hat Folgendes ursprünglich geteilt:
My browser has a German IP number,  but no Lang. env vars, as confirmed by:

I wont report it to google:
***     I dont work free for giant monopolies.
        Seems to be [or include, or only be] a web forum ?,
                I gave up trying to find out, clicking beyond that page was
***     Agonisingly slow to google, as usual from here)
        I prefer plain mail lists, not on line web forums.
        If I wanted a platform neutral mail list 
***     I'd prefer a non commercial base that didnt harvest,
***     that didnt have an open door to NSA.

I looked on
        As one potential site, which won't have NSA spies (maybe
        BND .de instead ;-), but much less likely & easily a lot
        less hungry than NSA) & not a monopoly, not a commercial
        harvester) but lists were only in German last time I looked,
        I recall (so far, but they wouldnt mind creating one I
        think), but all links broken to mailman currently, eg (error

I guess any mainstream (or minor) * could create an allbsd@
        plain list if wanted, drivable by mailman or majordomo. But
        I guess it could be better to keep it off a
        to avoid suspicion of bias.  I too could create an allbsd@
        list on my If people asked, & If there
        was none elsewhere already ? (disclaimer I use FreeBSD, & have
        used & credit NetBSD etc eg for urtwn0: & have used OpenBSD &
        helped distribut PC-BSD etc).

Is there a similar plain text allbsd@ list on some non-commercial
non- NSA- site, not needing a web forum ? If so, I'd subscribe.

Julian Stacey, BSD Unix Linux C Sys Eng Consultant, Munich
 Interleave replies below like a play script.  Indent old text with "> ".
 Send plain text, not quoted-printable, HTML, base64, or multipart/alternative.
    Extradite NSA spy chief Alexander.

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