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Re: netbsd 6 instance on amazon

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el kalin  <> wrote:
>not really. this machine it's pretty busy and the php log is dumped in the
>syslog too. there are no other system messages - except php warnings.
>i do have a pre-problem image of this machine which i did put up and now
>monitoring too. but there has been a lot of work done since then and i
>rather resolve this because moving everything over will be a very
>problematic at this point....
>the strange thing is that it always happens pretty much exactly at the same
>time. and there are no cron jobs that are scheduled for that time. but it's
>always a few minutes before the default daily cron at 3:15. like i said it
>doesn't happened every day but this week happened twice and it gets to be
>annoying since i don't get to know about it until later in the morning...

Keep a terminal open doing vmstat 1 and see how it goes.


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