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Re: too many inodes error from fsck

In article 
Stephen Borrill  <> wrote:
>1# fsck -fy /dev/rdk0
>** /dev/rdk0
>** File system is already clean
>** Last Mounted on /data
>** Phase 1 - Check Blocks and Sizes
>1288780186 DUP I=317676426
>INCORRECT BLOCK COUNT I=317676426 (8 should be 48)
>1288780182 DUP I=317676427
>1288780183 DUP I=317676428
>1288780184 DUP I=317676429
>1288780185 DUP I=317676430
>1578985280 BAD I=366356386
>too many inodes 1373937901
>This is on NetBSD 5.2_STABLE from Wed May  1 10:13:58 BST 2013.
>Is NetBSD 6 likely to be any better at fixing this?

And this is i386 I guess, because the number of inodes is suspect:

... 0x51e4a0ed ... I guess your only chance is to try to fix it
with 64 bit fsck because given the number of inodes the 32 bit fsck
will need to allocate more than 4G... Or edit pass1.c and clamp
the inospace and hope of the bast.


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