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netbsd-6.1: squid from pkgsrc-2013-Q2 uses too much CPU time

Dear list,

since several months and upgrades I encountered the problem that squid
uses too much CPU time under NetBSD 6.1 and my proxy server is nearly to
unusable now.

I installed the default squid from /usr/pkgsrc/www/squid using
pkgsrc-2013-Q2. Every HTTP webpage request lets squid meditate for
several seconds until the page is served. The network download itself
seems comparatively fast.

Maybe someone seen this behavior of squid too and give me a hint? I
moved my squid installation from GNU/Debian to this NetBSD box and I
remember -- there I did not have this problem with nearly the same

Thank you very much!


Adrian Immanuel KIESS

With greetings from Leipzig, Germany.
Adrian Immanuel Kieß 

Administrator & programmer
Unix / Perl / LaTeX

mail: <adrian (at)>

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