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Re: NetBSD guide, how to install packages

On Tue, Sep 03, 2013 at 09:08:33PM +0200, Yann Sionneau wrote:
> Hello,
> But, (yes there is a but), maybe "The NetBSD Guide" could be a
> little bit more user friendly and contains a paragraph with very
> basic informations on how to bootstrap yourself with pkgsrc.
> Why? Because usually when you want to install NetBSD and you are a
> newcomer, you go in the "Documentation" area, you find "The NetBSD
> Guide", you click on it (and therefore lose the pkgsrc link that
> maybe you didn't even see because you stopped reading a few lines
> above).
> Then you follow "The NetBSD Guide" to do all the setup and
> configuration and then you search for some way of installing
> applications and if you're lucky you find the paragraph 1.5., if
> you're not then you're lost.

I am not quite sure whether I understood you right, but I thought that 
the NetBSD guide is extraordinary good. 

But instead of reading 1.5, I really would recommend reading paragraph 
'5.15 Installing additional software'. Everything is explained, in
depth, there: 

o how to set PKG_PATH
o how to type pkg_add <whatever>
o how to be happy

Additional information: I consider myself to be a novice. 


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