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Re: More puzzing nmbclusters

I haven't set up any serious systems yet on netbsd-6*.  When I rolled out
my netbsd-5*'s I had to use:

options               NMBCLUSTERS=262140

If I used anything less than that the system would go sideways within 10
minutes at our current loads.  I was also constantly battling ipfilter
defaults as being too low too.  I end up bumping these values too:

options IPSTATE_SIZE=92111
options IPSTATE_MAX=64433
options NAT_SIZE=2047
options RDR_SIZE=2047
options HOSTMAP_SIZE=8191
options NAT_TABLE_MAX=180000
options NAT_TABLE_SZ=16383

As all of this gets the kernel to set aside memory, I'm not sure if they
interact with each other.  Even with these configs I'm not sure that the
systems could router/firewall a 50Mb/s network without gasping.  I've
solved this by using with multiple systems to balancing the load.  I don't
do much with desktops though I get the feeling that this is how most of
the community uses the OS.

I'll have to jump into 6.1 and see how things have change.


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