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Re: cpp in base?

  quick question - should I be able to use /usr/bin/cpp -E without having
  installed the compiler binary set? So far on this 5.1.2 host I've got
  the base and etc sets installed and when trying to use cpp as a pre-processor
  only, I get the following:

Without the compiler set, you should not expect cpp to work; that's a
compiler-type tool.

  |deimos[~/tmp/cpp] 249v>: cpp -E ./blah
  |cpp: error trying to exec 'cc1': execvp: No such file or directory

Arguably it's a bug that cpp itself is in base if the necessary libexec
parts are not.

  Is this intentional?  I'd prefer not to install the compiler set if I 
  don't have to as this is a host with limited disk space.

You can actually grab files from sets as you want them, by hand.

Is there a notion that our 'base' set is supposed to comply with
anything particular in POSIX?  That seems like it might be sensible, but
if so I haven't been aware of it.

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