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Re: no file system for xbd0 (dev 0x8e00)

I suggest checking this from a dom0 perspective first before continuing the 
hunt for weird and uncommon file system corruption issues in the domU.

In the dom0, make sure your lvm is active, e.g. marked with an 'a' rather than 
a 'd'
in the output of lvm lvs. I suspect you couldn't even get a disklabel if it 
wasn't, but it can't hurt to check the lvm status in dom0 anyway.

I'd also suggest in dom0 dd'ing the lvm's raw device to /dev/null to make sure 
there are no i/o errors.

lvs output, from the dom0, seems ok:

  webserver       vg1  owi-ao  20.00g

The `o'rigin attribute is set because I've just done a snapshot just in case..

dd from the vbd to /dev/null went well also.

I have a bad feeling about this...

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