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Re: ntpd and crond question

If I may reply to all in one:

- the virtualisation technology is VMWare

- yes it is crond that shows up as consuming CPU time, not cron

- ktrace -p <pid>  produces a huge amount of output very quickly.
Insofar as I can make sense of it, it appears to relate to name
service and to various rc and conf files in .etc

- tcpdump produces vast amounts of output, also mostly to do with name

I run a simple slave name server on this system (it's there as a
fallback machine for when we have problems with our main colo servers
in the UK, or when people say they have problems reaching us).

Steve Blinkhorn <>

> What VPS provider?
> xen?
> Distance to peers is highly unlikely to be the issue, unless you are
> complaining about 10 ms jitter in achieved timekeeping.

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