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Re: NetBSD/Postfix

On Mar 30, 2013, at 6:16 AM, Scott Burns <Scott.Burns%SeQent.Com@localhost> 

> Hello list,
> We have an opportunity to provide a hosted solution for a new customer. We 
> would like to use NetBSD for part of this solution. The solution involves the 
> intake and processing of large volumes of email. Due to some customer 
> requirements /gov’t regulations the incoming spooled mail files need to be 
> encrypted when on disk. Is it possible to setup postfix, or I guess sendmail, 
> to encrypt it’s mail files (like /var/spool/mqueue from my sendmail days) 
> when they are stored on disk before being forwarded to another machine?
> In this case postfix will be forwarding the email off to another machine 
> after receiving/spam filtering occurs on the postfix machine. Once into the 
> other machines custom mailserver we have control of this issue as the 
> messages are dissected and processed.

Would using cgd be a solution? (e.g. encrypt the whole disk)

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