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Re: Problem configuring IPV6 - Kindly help

On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 10:36:34PM +0530, Michael David wrote:
> In /etc/rc.conf: I have: *ip6mode=host*

Correct. Did you reboot the machine after changing this?

> In /etc/ifconfig.re0: I have:*inet6 2a02:e00:ffff:23:a00b:9aff:feed:88ea
> prefixlen 64 alias*

Why the "alias"? You shouldn't use that for the primary IPv6 address.
You also don't need "prefixlen 64" as it is the default.

> where *2a02:e00:ffff:23:a00b:9aff:feed:88ea* is the static IP I want to
> assign to my server.
> I do not know how to set the IPV6 gateway.

This is documented in "man 5 rc.conf". You can e.g. set the variable
"defaultroute6" in "/etc/rc.conf".

> Everything else works beautifully and I am loving NetBSD so far. Only this
> remains.

Can you please post your full "/etc/rc.conf", the output of "ifconfig -a"
and "netstat -f inet6 -r -n"?

        Thanks in advance

Matthias Scheler                        

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