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Re: wd0 dos error

(This does not belong on tech-kern.  You are having a user problem and we
don't have any reason to believe there is a kernel issue yet.  I have
redirected it once again.)

You have not posted the dmesg of the controllers, just the drive.  wd0
is at atabus3.  But atabus3 is at something.   You should read carefully
and understand your entire dmesg.

You left out the controller for scsibus0.  All of these things matter,
and people trying to help you need to understand what is going on.

  Where to paste the 0x0002 flag?. In KERNEL config or in another file?

Yes, in the kernel config.   See the NetBSD Guide about building your
own kernels.

With dd, the idea is to read all of each disk to see if you get errors.
Read the man page and understand all the arguments below first.  Do not
mess up if vs of!

So do:
  dd if=/dev/rsd0d of=/dev/null bs=256k
and see what happens.  You can type ^T to get interim status.

Then, move on to each other disk
  dd if=/dev/rwd0d of=/dev/null bs=256k

and record all the data/errors.  The big question is whether it's just
wd0d or if it's all 4 of them.

Note that the 'd' partition is for the whole disk.

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