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Re: 6.1_RC1 build fails

Thank you very much for your kind response.

* Michael van Elst ( wrote:
> >i486--netbsdelf-gcc: Internal error: Killed (program cc1 received signal 9)
> Most likely the build ran out of memory.
I have added more RAM from 256MB to 512MB remaining swap at 512 MB.
Build is successful!!!
Newer version of any OS trends to use more memory nowadays.
IMHO, without GUI, 256MB RAM+512MB swap should have been enough for doing this.
One question remains. Error message does not indicate insufficient memory.
How do you know that?

> Check 'ulimit' before running the build, and if your system
> really doesn't have enough memory, add swapspace (e.g.  a
> temporary swap file).
Sorry, I'm now on tcsh.

Pongthep Kulkrisada
"UNIX is basically a simple operating system,
but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity."
-- Dennis M. Ritchie

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