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Re: question about strptime on NetBSD 6 stable

> lclptr is a reference to the local timezone:
> [9:22am] 2556>cc strp.c
> [9:22am] 2557>./a.out
> 1328506549
> [9:22am] 2558>env TZ=UTC ./a.out 
> 1328488549
> [9:23am] 2559>env TZ=MET ./a.out
> 1328484949
> [9:23am] 2560>env TZ=EET ./a.out
> 1328481349
> [9:23am] 2561>
> christos

Yes, that is totally correct. Thanks. I jumped the gun on the email, lack of 
sleep or something :) definitely needed an unsend button. sorry about the noise.

It looks like im getting the epoch numbers I want with mktime_z(NULL,tm), which 
should be GMT I believe. going to test on my data set and see what it looks 

Thank you,

Waitman Gobble
San Jose California USA

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