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Re: question about strptime on NetBSD 6 stable

Christos Zoulas <> wrote ..
> In article <>,
> Waitman Gobble <> wrote:
> >
> >It seems like strptime is ignoring %z on NetBSD 6 stable? Or maybe i'm
> >doing it wrong.
> mktime(3) uses the "local time" to convert struct tm * to time_t. This
> means that while strptime(3) takes into account the tzoffset and sets
> tm->tm_gmtoff correctly, this field is not taken into account by mktime(3)
> since doing so would violate the standard. Depending on the timezone you
> have set, you are going to see different results; perhaps this is why you
> think that the other OS is correct :-)
> NetBSD provides extensions such as mktime_z() that control which timezone
> is used on a call by call basis, instead of relying on the environment.
> christos

Thank you,
I will fix my code. "After" I hit send, I realized I probably should have said 
it was the number I was looking for, not necessarily the correct one!

Waitman Gobble
San Jose California USA

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