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Re: problem with cvs update

On Mon 18 Feb 2013 at 06:50:48 -0800, Waitman Gobble wrote:
> Thank you, I figured that's what happened but it's good to check it out.

One thing I like to do from time to time is to hardlink all Root files
to just one file. They contain the same thing anyway. That also makes it
easier to switch repositories - all NetBSD repositories use the same
paths, so just changing the Root is sufficient. Just recently I switched
from the se mirror to a fr mirror, since the se one didn't seem to


if [ -z "$1" -o ! -d "$1" ]; then
        echo "$0: directory not specified or not a directory"
        echo "Synopsis: $0 DIRECTORY"
        exit 1

find "$1" -path '*/CVS/Root' | \
while read fname; do
    if [ ! Root -ef "$fname" ] && cmp Root "$fname"
            echo "$fname"
            ln -f Root "$fname"

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