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Re: question about paritions/disklabel

Hi Waitman,

On Sat 16 Feb 2013 at 16:28:32 -0800, Waitman Gobble wrote:
> I'm following the manual about adding a new drive. I was able to add
> the drive but I seem to be missing 'a' and 'b'.. Thought it would be
> good to see if somebody has an explanation instead of finding out down
> the road I did something wrong.

I haven't read the manual you mean, but apparently you simply didn't
create partitions a and b while following the instructions. There is
nothing wrong with that.

In fact, a and b are usually reserved for a root partition and a swap
partition, respectively. If your partitions are not one of those, it
makes sense to call them differently. Since c and d are also reserved
for specific purposes, one usually starts at e in that case.

> disklabel shows
> 5 partitions:
> For some reason it says 5 partitions, but only lists 3.

Yeah, that is a bit of a lie. It simply counts the highest partition
letter, in your case e, and gets 5 that way.

> but if i do newfs /dev/rwd1e it's OK
> # newfs /dev/rwd1e 
> /dev/rwd1e: 953868.7MB (1953523120 sectors) block size 32768, fragment size 
> 4096
>         using 1287 cylinder groups of 741.19MB, 23718 blks, 47104 inodes.

Yep. Your partition is e, so that works.

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