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Re: Article on state of graphics drivers on BSDs

The current state of Linux being mostly open-source and being laden with proprietary drivers/ software, or even kernel APIs diverges from the topic and a solution to the current state of graphics drivers for anything bar Linux.

What i was trying to convey is that trying to unify kernel api's would be a pointless en devour and a waste of time for developers. My suggested solution was using a code base that is not restricted by the core operating system in question (i.e. JAVA can run on any OS because it uses a form known as bytecode) either to re-write part of or create a wrapper that encases the current KMS & GEOS drivers, so that these drivers main dependencies to run is Java or an code base similar.

This has nothing to do with bridging the gap between Linux and *BSD's or X-ORG, as Linux would be unlikely want to invest in such a project when it already has the proprietary and working open-source versions, and X-org is too big and a mess to even bother trying to untangle to make it portable.

This idea is directed entirely at the KMS & GEOS drivers and operating systems that don't have these drivers available (e.g. OpenBSD, NetBSD & DragonflyBSD) where development time for these drivers in big and the benefits are minimal in the overall scheme of that operating system. Hence taking that little bit longer and investing time in developing/ re-writing of these drivers (for those willing) to make them less dependent on set kernel api differences, might be something worth looking into.

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