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Re: Article on state of graphics drivers on BSDs

On Feb 10, 2013, at 11:49 AM, David Young wrote:

>  * Many BSDers' do their day-to-day computing on a Mac, and this
>    is not merely because of poor hardware support on BSD.  There
>    is quality software available for Mac, there is consistency,
>    and there is easy interoperability with useful peripherals and
>    mobile gadgets. The stable of X11 software just is not widely
>    appealing, today, and there are no prospects for improvement.

I use a Mac as my UI box but all my development is done on netbsd
(either via a NetBSD server or locally via VMWare Fusion). I think
developing NetBSD is a better use of my time than trying to keep 
my UI box running.

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