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Re: Question about Journaling ("Waitman Gobble") writes:

>I am a returning/new user of NetBSD. I am interested in trying out journaling. 

>When I set the option "log" in /etc/fstab, the machine halts on startup with a 
>message stating that there is not enough space for the journal. Information 
>about my system is below.

From the wapl(4) man page:

|     WAPBL currently maintains its journal in one of two locations:
|     - After the file system
|             The journal is placed in the same partition as the file system,
|             but between the file system and the end of the partition.
|     - Within the file system
|             The journal is allocated as a special contiguous file within the
|             file system.  The journal file is not visible via normal file
|             system access.

Normally a filesystem fills the partition, so the only choice left
is "Within a file system" and for this you need enough _contigous_
free space, which might be impossible if the filesystem is nearly full
or heavily fragmented.

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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