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Re: newfs: /dev/rwd0a: open for read: Device busy error{SOLVED}

On 1/26/2013 1:37 AM, Edward M wrote:

When the NetBSD 6.0.1 installation reaches the "newfs" procedure with both amd64 and i386 ports install media, it stops with
 the following error:

        Status: Command failed
         Command: /sbin/newfs -V2 -O 2 -b 16384 -f 2048 /dev/rwd0a
         Hit entero to continue
    newfs: /dev/rwd0a: open for read: Device busy

By trial and error, found workaround solution to the problem mentioned above, where I got the OS to install and boot. i chose to "edit the MBR partition table"; deleted partition d:, created
     partition a:. the rest of the installation went smoothly.

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