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Re: laptop memory card reader


when i wrote this, I inserted a XD card in the reader. Right now I tried a SD card instead and dmesg shows me:

ld0 at sdmmc2: <0x03:0x5344:SD08G:0x80:0x609c1acc:0x0ab>
ld0: 7580 MB, 3850 cyl, 64 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 15523840 sectors
ld0: 4-bit width, bus clock 24.000 MHz

this means that something is working and the card has been detected. How do I mount this? I tried mounting /dev/ld0 and /dev/ld0a without success.

mount: cannot open `/dev/ld0a': Device not configured

Running fdisk on /dev/ld0 shows me:

Partition table:
0: Primary DOS with 32 bit FAT (sysid 11)
    start 8192, size 15515648 (7576 MB, Cyls 0/130/3-966/80/10)

so, indeed, the first partition is recognized to be DOS/FAT partition.

Thank you.


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