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Re: #NetBSD on FreeNode

On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 01:38:25PM -0500, Andy Ball wrote:
> Hello,

Hello Andy!

>    D> I referred him to #NetBSD (FreeNode). He related to me
>     > that he "had some terrible experiences on #NetBSD".
>     > The first time someone "talked with him in a sarcastic
>     > tone", and the second he had to wait two hours for a
>     > reply.
>     Such is the nature of IRC, sadly: tone is notoriously
> difficult to gauge in an IRC channel, especially when
> people are typing quickly.  Response time will depend on the
> time of day and perhaps on the question that they ask.

This is true.  There aren't always people online.  The channel
seems to see random flurries of activity, but usually when someone
asks something in #netbsd, an answer quickly follows (as long as
someone knows the answer).

There are a handful of channel regulars (I won't mention names)
who can be a bit abrasive.  It's unfortunate when only one of
those will respond to questions.

>     I tend to refer professional contacts to the mailing
> lists because although #netbsd is by far one of the
> friendliest channels I've found on Freenode, regrettably
> there are occasions when discussion wanders into nsfw
> territory.

I haven't seen truly NSFW discussion that often.  Feel free to tell
people to take that discussion elsewhere when you notice it, though!
It's part of our responsibility as channel regulars to keep the
discussion on track, or at least within acceptable parameters.
Don't leave it to channel operators, there are only a few and we're
not always online.

> I have commented in the past that this could
> reflect negatively on the NetBSD community but ultimately
> it's up to individual participants to moderate themselves.

Agreed.  It's part of our de facto "live and let live" policy.
Generally the atmosphere is very friendly and I always feel it's
a place where people should feel welcome.  I also think you're
doing a great job at that with your friendly personal "welcome"
messages, Andy :)

But perhaps we've been too lenient towards some people.  It's also
important that complaints are forwarded to channel operators, so
that they are aware of this and can take action.

> In extreme cases the channel ops can kick or ban someone
> but that should rarely be necessary.

Indeed.  It's happened in the past with agressive trolls.

Peter (aka sjamaan on freenode)

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