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Re: NetBSD 6.0/amd64 on a Latitude E5500 (X11 related)

Hi Peter,

Simply downloading and extracting the X sets of the daily binary
snapshots fixed this for me, but it's still a pain for new users
who will just install 6.0 and don't even know that they can get
daily snapshots, let alone what a "pullup" means and that such a
snapshot will fix it.

Yes that's the spirit, while we're making quite some noise around
the 6.0 release, I know some newcomers who've been reluctant to pursue
the experience because they were unable to fix their X11
environment, which is a shame considering the overall quality of the

I used modular Xorg a few times in the past, but I learned not
to do that as the Xorg upstream release updates kept breaking
perfectly functional drivers.  I got glitches and crashes at
various points in time.  The shitty state of Xorg in base is just
a reflection of the basically nonexistent quality control that
the Xorg upstream project seems to have for their drivers.

Did you? I've been using modular Xorg from pkgsrc for almost all
5.{0,1} lifetime and its been rock-solid, never had a glitch nor
a crash with it.

That's pretty cool!  These third-party repos should be advertised
better as I thought there weren't any *at all*.  Are there others?

I must say I don't know, but I'm very curious about it, most of all
are there any non-NetBSD/DragonFly/MINIX maintained repositories out
there? Like for GNU/Linux? I know Jonathan Perkin from Joyent has
up-to-date SmartOS and OSX repositories.

Particularly related to things like mplayer and other "legally murky"
software.  For some reason on most Linuxen there's no problem getting
binary packages for mplayer and vlc with full codecs, but on NetBSD
there's no such thing (and vlc is nonfunctional considering it won't
load 99% of the videos out there).  I think third party repos could
fix this situation.

Very interesting point, we (NetBSDfr) don't really know what are the
legal risks of providing those restricted packages here in France. As
you say, most GNU/Linux distros provide these packages.

I'd love to try this but I still consider Xorg's release crapshoot
too risky.  It's a shame there's no other free X implementation which
cares about non-Linux OSes.

I can only tell you that my laptop is now perfectly usable :)
I plan to upgrade my two other NetBSD-based workstations with it as
soon as the build for their architecture is finished.


Emile "iMil" Heitor .°. <imil@{,,}>
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